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Dump Trailers

Dump trailers get work done fast and easily. If you need a dump trailer now, we have a huge inventory of quality options ready to go. Choose the size and type of dump trailer you need. 

Check out our current inventory of dump trailers for sale now.

Showing1-15 of 230 items
Showing1-15 of 230 items

Picking Out the Right Dump Trailer

You have a number of options available to you in our inventory. To choose the best dump trailer for your specific task, consider the following:

  • Size: Bigger is not always better. Determine the size you need based on your hauling needs and how you plan to navigate to that location. Smaller trailers are easier for narrow roads and tight spaces but larger trailers get the work done faster. 
  • Hauling capacity: Also consider the amount of material you need to haul. Don’t overlook the importance of staying within your vehicle’s towing limits. 
  • Finishes and material: Look at the construction and overall design of the dump trailer. Aluminum, for example, offers better rust and corrosion control than steel, and tends to be lighter. That makes it better fitting for some trucks. Steel is thicker, but is more affordable upfront. Galvanized steel can work for a middle of the road option. 
  • Thickness of the metal: Durability counts with dump trailers. Thicker is heavier but can also handle heavier weight within the trailer.
  • Lifting method: A lifting mechanism or hoist can be a part of system trailers. Determine the type on any model before you choose.

Notes About Size and GVWR

When choosing a dump trailer, compare options in our inventory based on size and application. Finding the balance here is critical and sometimes challenging. To make a decision, consider the largest load you plan to carry. Then, determine what the gross vehicle weight rating is for your vehicle. 

Your towing vehicle must be able to pull the weight of the material and the trailer with ease to avoid damage. Otherwise, it may not be safe.

Lifting mechanism options

You have several choices in lifting mechanisms:

  • Single ram: This is the most economical option and best for lighter loads. Its central position on the dump trailer's frame means it needs less maintenance than other versions.
  • Scissor hoist: This method is ideal for heavy loads since it is by far the strongest. It has the best ability to lift heavy loads efficiency without pressure on a single location. If you need to dump uneven loads or those that are very heavy, this lifting option is best.
  • Dual ram: This method incorporates two hydraulic cylinders and puts pressure on the outer frame to lift and dump material.

Hitch Type

You have options in hitch types as well. 

  • Bumper pull: This type allows you to attach to the back of your vehicle, keeping your truck bed accessible.
  • Gooseneck: This version mounts to the truck frame over the rear axle for improved balance on heavy loads.
  • Pintle hitch: This version has a hook attached to the vehicle and a ring on the trailer, giving it more freedom of movement. 

Buying Your Dump Trailer from Platinum Trailer Group

At Platinum Trailer Group, we offer a huge inventory of ready-to-go dump trailers. Purchase with us with confidence. We offer the best price, better service, and the best brands in the industry. Contact us now with your questions.

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